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    learn how to cook Persian
    prepare your food in group
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    delicious, quick and easy-to-cook meals
    with the freshest ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes
    brought to your home

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    healthy, home-made and delicious meals
    that bring everyone at the table
    brought to your home

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    add some flavour to your dish
    as in the jewelry box of Persian ingredients
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    50 simple and delicious 5-ingredient recipes
    explained in a well understandable manner
    with pictures and explanation of all ingredients

    about the cookbook

my culinary journeys

sharing the Persian food culture
learn how to cook Persian

all recipes

salmon Wellington

5-ingredient meals

all the recipes have 5 major ingredients, carefully chosen to respect the original dishes

Napoleon pastry

sweets & cakes

just little offbeat ingredients add up to one unique, delectable treat made for merry munching

mulled apple juice

drinks & smoothies

healthy and exciting drinks with a twist as the central element of your daily eating routine

taftan bread


Iranian dishes are usually served with either rice or bread

potato pancakes


what is more satisfying than a hearty and delicious breakfast to pump you up for the whole day

red lentil bread

vegan & vegetarian

being vegan or vegetarian doesn’t consign you to vegetables only as many common recipes are already void of animal products or adjusted easily

persian marinated olives

starters & sides

a wide range of starters and sides from soups and salads to exotic and elegant vegetarian dips and spreads

Parisa Nobakth
Parisa Nobakht

about me

My journey begins in the chaotic, mysterious, and beautiful city of Tehran, where culinary traditions date back 7,000 years. Some of my earliest memories are of my grandmother, my mother and I, together in a palatial kitchen with a high ceiling and blue- tiled walls, where they taught me the fundamentals of Iranian cuisine.
They entrusted me with their secrets; they told me how to get the most flavour out of ingredients and I learnt that rigour and respect for their methods were inescapable. They taught me that Persian food is at once complex, demanding and incredibly delicate. They told me that leaving a stew to simmer overnight would give it an incomparable flavour and that it is impossible to cook Persian food in haste. Ask any Iranian mother and they’ll tell you ingredients must never be substituted.
As fond as I am of my mother and grandmother, when I moved to Holland, I had to stray from tradition: given how expensive energy is and how little time I could spend cooking on any given day, it was that or kiss Persian cuisine goodbye. The methods I developed made cooking fast and simple, using few ingredients. I realised that there is nothing wrong with replacing the ingredients I couldn’t buy outside of Iran and that there is no need to waste time soaking beans and chickpeas overnight.

Iranian cooking
50 simple and delicious 5-ingredient recipes


Parisa's Persian Kitchen
Iranian cooking made easy

Quick and easy Persian food is possible. By sparing yourself the trouble of using tens of ingredients, you can achieve great results while keeping things simple.
All the recipes in this cookbook have 5 major ingredients, carefully chosen to respect the original dishes on which they are based. This doesn’t mean the intricacies of the dishes containing indigenous ingredients aren’t achievable, nor would I ever discourage you from making them.



if you think preparing delicious Iranian food is complicated and labour-intensive, think again and join me at my weekly workshops

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meal kit

delicious, quick and easy-to-cook dishes with the freshest ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes are brought to your home whenever suitable

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home delivery

stressed out, no time or don't feel like cooking: have my warm, fresh, healthy, home-made and delicious meals delivered at your door

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quick and easy Persian food is possible: an easy-going, stripped-down take on Persian food using few ingredients in 50 recipes

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