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My journey begins in the chaotic, mysterious and beautiful city of Tehran where culinary traditions date back 7000 years. Using tinned ingredients was highly frowned upon in our household, considered lazy and testifying a lack of taste. But doing two master’s degrees and working full time as a teacher taught me that there is much more to life than spending hours in the kitchen preparing a single meal. And so I began breaking the rules of Persian cuisine which inspired me to write my own cookbook with 50 recipes.

Since 2012 I have been experimenting, tweaking and developing many recipes and food photography reflecting the simple Dutch approach to food, applied to the traditional Persian meals. Parisa's Persian Kitchen is all about traditional dishes given a modern twist, as a fast and simple process with few ingredients, shared during workshops and catering.

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Persian carpets
carpet Tabriz
Salari Tabriz carpet
208 x 146 cm | wool and silk
carpet Balouchestan
Balouchestan needlework
46 x 26 cm | antique
carpet Qom
Qom carpet
100 x 155 cm | wool and silk