Parisa's Persian Kitchen gives your guests an unforgettable experience at your intimate gatherings or major events.

With multiple options to suit your budget and needs, I will plan a tasteful menu and eventually prepare and deliver in Belgium and The Netherlands every dish to the highest standards.

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Experience true Persian cuisine in your own kitchen. Your home will be filled with Persian aromas and stories about the dishes and my intriguing culture, as culinary guide.

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about me

My journey begins in the chaotic, mysterious and beautiful city of Tehran where culinary traditions date back 7000 years. Using tinned ingredients was highly frowned upon in our household, considered lazy and testifying a lack of taste.

But doing two Master's degrees and working full time as a teacher taught me that there is much more to life than spending hours in the kitchen preparing a single meal. And so I began breaking the rules of Persian cuisine which inspired me to write my cookbook with 50 recipes.

Since 2012 I have been experimenting, tweaking and developing many recipes and food photography reflecting a simple approach to food, applied to the traditional Persian meals.

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