Persian culture

Iranians are extremely proud of their food culture to the extent they sometimes refrain from trying other cuisines. They adore their mother's cooking and no one can beat their mom's cooking style. Ever. This has altered as younger people are more open to try the food of other countries and explore different food cultures. Secretly though, Persian food with all the cooking essentials is what they love unconditionally. Discover how Persians treat their own food culture and how Persian food is perceived through the eyes of a Persian.

Iranians are also crazy about their historical culture. Many buildings and gardens are on the UNESCO heritage list as lasting symbols of the glorious past of the Persian empire. Some are described in my culinary travel stories that will take you to the gems of Iran.
And Persian carpets - obviously.

Noruz, Yalda and other celebrations
Persian food at events
sweets, meat and more delicacies
Persian food basics
spices, herbs, fruits and nuts
Persian cooking essentials
trips to main Iranian cities
culinary travel in Iran
Persian history explained
UNESCO and dynasties
handmade and authentic
Persian carpets & needlework
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