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As an Iranian, I did not appreciate the beauty of my country when I lived there. I think it is common that people take the beauty of their own countries for granted and often assume that, to see more, you have to go abroad. I was one of those. My parents always encouraged me to travel abroad but in a way I neglected the beauty of Iran for years. There are very few cities in Iran that I visited while I was living there but once I got out of the country and started my life in Holland I was so determined to travel back and discover its neglected beauty.
Qajar dynasty is the most populated dynasty ever in the history of Iran. Polygamy culture and the persistence on having as many children as possible to empower the dynasty have left Tehran, Isfahan and Shiraz with dozens of magnificent houses that used to be the homes of the wives and children of the Qajar dynasty. Some of these aristocrat homes have already been replaced by skyscrapers, apartment buildings and shopping malls by the Iranian government but some have given their place to magnificent cafes and restaurants while still holding their beauty and character. Nowadays the number of these beautiful cafes is increasing as younger people tend to value their heritage more than ever. These days, drinking a cup of orange blossom and saffron infused tea in the middle of a beautiful Qajar home with a lookout to a blue pond in the middle is truly a precious moment.

Kashan: the city of roses

the city of rosewater, dried rosebuds and rose petals

Tehran: Negarestan museum garden and Rouhi

sculptures, pictures and historical mural at Negarestan Museum and Garden close to Rouhi restaurant

Qazvin, the city of baklava

city of Saraye Sa'd al-Saltaneh, baklava and gheymeh nesar

Tehran: Bazaar district and Golestan palace

Bazaar district, Golestan palace with Takht-e Marmar and Moslem restaurant

Tehran carpet museum and vitamin-stores

the midtown Carpet Museum and majoon vitamin stores

Tehran: Mohammad pomegranate juice bar

Mohammad pomegranate juice bar in Yousef Abad

Isfahan, the jewel of Iran

historical jewel with Naqsh-e Jahan Square, Shah Mosque and biryani

Shiraz, city of Persepolis and orange blossoms

Nasir al-Mulk Mosque and its Bazaar, ancient Persepolis, orange trees and kalam polo

Yazd, ancient city of sun and windcatchers

Jameh Mosque, sun, windcatchers, gheymeh and faloodeh

Tehran Time Museum, a trip to the past and history through time

Time Museum, a trip to the past and history through time

Famouri House

Famouri House, a Qajar period gem in centre Tehran

Rasht Pilehbaba ecotourism

Pilehbaba ecotourism: relaxing in the middle of nowhere

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