food photography

food photography

Food is a creation of beauty to me and an opportunity to frame it forever. With a background in writing a cookbook, I have combined my passion for food and styling into running a food photography business. My style focuses on combining food and culture with the purpose of showcasing the beauty of traditional and modern design.

After I published my own cookbook and started my social media platforms, I realised I needed to be more and more independent in food photography if I wanted to have the pictures of my food taken any moment I wish.

Though beautifully designed, whenever I looked back at my cookbook pictures I huffed that I could have angled the orange so much better and those thoughts made me start experimenting. The excitement of styling my cakes, setting the scene, and playing with my photography toys pushed me to bake and cook more than before.

I started searching for articles and lessons from photographers to improve my skills in shooting. I was inspired by lots of professional food photographers and contacted them personally and asked for feedback on my novice pictures and requested advice to improve.

When my all-time-supportive husband bought me my first professional camera and all the gears anyone would dream of, it became even more serious for me to dabble more and more in the world of food photography.

chicken patties wrap
salmon Wellington
mango coconut milk drink
Napoleon pastry
potato pancakes
taftan bread
cheese tart
carrot cake smoothie

While basic photography rules apply, you have to have a designer's eye to convey more sensory information and let your shot communicate and stimulate the senses of tastes and smells. I love to eternalise my dishes in my shots and accentuate their beauty with the brightness of my table cloth, the beauty of the flowers or the gold rim of the plates.

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Laying the ingredients on the table, cooking the dishes, styling and getting my photography gears ready and to make a beautiful shot, all take patience and taste. What I love the most in my shots is including the hands or the face of the chef with a big satisfying smile looking at the result after an arduous process.

With my affordable rate for a half-day or full-day photoshoot or workshop, my food photography services will work within your budget. My professional food photography makes your recipes and food products shine.

food photography
food photography
food photography
food photography
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