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sponge cake

light as a cloud, perfect base for any filling and frosting


topped with fresh rosemary, olives, dried tomatoes and thyme


healthy and delicious school sandwich


gluten-free, eggless no-oven cookies with chickpea flour

apple cake

mesmerisingly aromatic, magically soft-textured and outstandingly delicious

carrot halva

sweet and aromatic Persian Carrot dessert infused with rose water and cardamo

cream puffs

a Persian adaptation of a French classic Croquembouche

carrot cake

exotic pistachio and cardamom carrot cake layered with jam

Persian cutlets

cold or warm Iranian version of ground meat patty named a Persian cutlet

lentil rice

aromatic and nutritious easy-to-make Persian rice dish with raisins infused with cinnamon

ghormeh sabzi

tangy, savory and citrusy stew made with sautéed herbs, kidney beans and lamb chunks


the easiest and fastest so-called traditional Persian abgoosht deconstructed

potato pancakes

fast but fancy potato pancakes wrap to perk up your lunch for an all day rollercoaster


the simplest and most basic Persian sweet omelette from beautiful Tabriz

baghali ghatogh

easy no-frills vegetarian stew with beans, garlic and dill-scented eggs

red lentil soup

delicious heart-warming red lentil soup that takes less than 20 minutes to make

salmon salad

healthy salmon salad with avocados, radishes and crunchy pumpkin seeds

cheesy scones

easy, quick, no-knead and no yeast cheesy scones with minimal ingredients

chocolate cake

the ultimate fudgy chocolate cake with browned butter and nutty flavour

Olvieh salad

a classic childhood favourite Persian meal, an all-time beloved recipe revamped

lime cake

the batter is basic butter cake ingredients with lime juice, zest and lime syrup

spinach lentil soup

a no-frills, healthy, hearty and delicious soup even for the most inexperienced cook

green kuku

Persian Kuku is a healthy combination of vegetables and spices with eggs

zucchini bread

modify this Afghan bread, if desired, using yellow summer squash, scallions and herbs

red lentil bread

vegan, nutritious and delicious 2-ingredient red lentil bread with optional spices


almond, hazelnut, pecan, walnut, peanut, cashew or sesame seed butter

Spanish almond cake

flourless, sugarless, gluten-free dairy-free & guilt-free Spanish honey and almond cake

mulled apple juice

ice-cold or piping hot fragrant apple cider with a festive and uniquely subtle spicy blend

carrot spice latte

this carrot spice latte with a healthy twist will get you comfy warm in cold days

taftan bread

taftan flatbread is a traditional Iranian staple and made with simple ingredients



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