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Iran has long been renowned for its culture, architecture and its rich cuisine. But when it comes to "vegan Persian food", I am really not sure... Without a shadow of a doubt, Iranian dishes are unique and rich in flavor and of course, incomparable to any other type of cuisine. Having heard from my vegan foreign friends who traveled to Iran, I now understand their struggle to find a vegan dish in restaurants thereby perpetuating this idea. Knowing tons of dishes from all around Iran inspired me to start creating my smallest share of impact here to bring to people's tables some of the authentic Persian vegan dishes. For some dishes in this category, I have only been inspired by those dishes adding a modern halo and contemporary appeal to replace those ingredients that are hard to come by. And some are completely non-Iranian vegan dishes that have been my healthy food staples for years.

baghali ghatogh

easy no-frills vegetarian stew with beans, garlic and dill-scented eggs

spinach lentil soup

a no-frills, healthy, hearty and delicious soup even for the most inexperienced cook

green kuku

Persian Kuku is a healthy combination of vegetables and spices with eggs

taftan bread

taftan flatbread is a traditional Iranian staple and made with simple ingredients

Olvieh salad

a classic childhood favourite Persian meal, an all-time beloved recipe revamped

zucchini bread

modify this Afghan bread, if desired, using yellow summer squash, scallions and herbs

potato pancakes

fast but fancy potato pancakes wrap to perk up your lunch for an all day rollercoaster

red lentil bread

vegan, nutritious and delicious 2-ingredient red lentil bread with optional spices


almond, hazelnut, pecan, walnut, peanut, cashew or sesame seed butter

red lentil soup

delicious heart-warming red lentil soup that takes less than 20 minutes to make



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