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In 2012, when I first got settled in the Netherlands, my lovely Portuguese friend Livia advised me to start my day with "a glass of green smoothie". Back then green smoothies were a new so-called introduction to people's everyday diet. Fresh vegetable and fruit juices aside, a mix of milk and nuts with added spices have always been an absolute to-go-to in Iran as they are sold on every corner in little shops called "vitamin center". In fact, heading to one of those corners was a midnight spree for me and my friends. After years of drinking all that healthy and exciting stuff and of course practicing to make them in my own kitchen, they are now the central element of my daily life, thrilled to share them with you.

mulled apple juice

ice-cold or piping hot fragrant apple cider with a festive and uniquely subtle spicy blend

carrot spice latte

this carrot spice latte with a healthy twist will get you comfy warm in cold days



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