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Iranian dishes are usually served with either rice or bread. Naan goes especially well with stews, kebabs and kukus. As a child, whenever it was my turn to pick up the bread from the bakery, my grandmother would hand me a red and white cloth to wrap it in. When the baker handed it to me, I would stow it away, swaddling it tightly in the cloth - but not before tearing off a share to munch on my way home. I’ve always been so fascinated by kneading the dough, dusting the surface and often myself with bread and watching the bubbles form once the dough hit the hot surface. If baked in the oven, I would sit in front of the oven staring at the dough scrutinizing every little and gentle rising.


topped with fresh rosemary, olives, dried tomatoes and thyme


healthy and delicious school sandwich

cheesy scones

easy, quick, no-knead and no yeast cheesy scones with minimal ingredients

red lentil bread

vegan. nutritious and delicious 2-ingredient red lentil bread with optional spices

taftan bread

taftan flatbread is a traditional Iranian staple and made with simple ingredients

zucchini bread

modify this Afghan bread, if desired, using yellow summer squash, scallions and herbs



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